The Edge 3 Stretto™ Narrow Wheelchair

The Story of the Stretto Narrow Wheelchair

Our customers have been asking for a narrow wheelchair that can maneuver in tight living quarters. The Edge 3 Stretto delivers! This narrow wheelchair base is designed for children, teenagers and small adults. The Stretto has an overall width of 20.75 inches with a 12.5-inch drive wheel configuration. The base has an overall width of 21.75 inches with 14-inch drive wheels. From small bathrooms to tiny kitchens, whether it’s tight doorways or narrow wheelchair ramps, the Edge 3 Stretto offers exceptional maneuvering in tight spaces.

Features of this Narrow Power Wheelchair

When searching for narrow wheelchairs for tight spaces and easy maneuvering, why not choose the best narrow wheelchair on the market? In addition to its very narrow width, the Edge 3 Stretto is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), delivering an increased shock absorption. This is due to the angle of the shocks on the power base. The spring rates are optimized, enabling maximum obstacle climbing and increased comfort. Click to find out more about independent SRS on the Stretto narrow wheelchair.

The Edge 3 Stretto narrow power wheelchair comes standard with a USB charger port, which allows you to charge your electronic device while on the go. From tablets to mobile phones, stay connected to your friends and family all day, every day, no matter where you go. The Stretto also includes front and rear LED fender lights, so you can see and be seen in all environments. The fender lights are an excellent safety feature when crossing streets, driving on sidewalks, or maneuvering through parking lots at night.

The Edge 3 Stretto is compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, which can be customized to meet the needs of children, teenagers or small adults. There is a wide variety of seating sizes, and available options include power tilt, power recline, static seating, power articulating foot platform, Flex seating and iLevel® power adjustable seat height.

Narrow Power Wheelchair with iLevel

As the best power wheelchair for narrow spaces and small areas in your home, the Edge 3 Stretto is available with optional iLevel technology. With iLevel, you can elevate your wheelchair’s seat up to 12 inches and drive at 3.5 mph while elevated. Built with Enhanced Stability Technology®, iLevel is perfect for completing MRADLs, or Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living, including cooking, grooming, transferring, communicating and reaching. There are many other benefits of iLevel. Feel confident with as you have eye-to-eye conversations with friends, family and co-workers. Plus, elevated seating helps you to be seen more easily by cars as you cross busy intersections. Discover other benefits of iLevel on the Edge 3 Stretto narrow power wheelchair.

If you need a complex rehab power wheelchair, you will likely benefit from the Edge 3 Stretto. Once you have a prescription from your doctor or therapist, we can refer to an authorized Quantum dealer who can assess your needs. Working with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), a physical or occupational therapist can determine what components you need and whether the Edge 3 Stretto is the best narrow wheelchair for you!