Quantum Power Chairs are designed to provide maximum independence for the consumer. Our Journey to Independence page shares inspirational stories from consumers about how their Quantum power wheelchair helps them or improves their everyday life.

Brianna Pieck

Jared Wayland: Exploring and Designing

Enter the Edge 3 Stretto, Quantum’s narrowest and most advanced power wheelchair ever designed! It allows Jared to effortlessly navigate tight spaces or corners in his home.

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Carol Conway

Carol Conway: Wheeling Through Life

With the elevated seating on her 4Front® power wheelchair, Carol Conway maintains her independence while on the job at the veterinary clinic she works at.

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Mark Irishsea

Mark Irishsea: Wheeling the Trails

Although Mark Irishsea lives with muscular dystrophy, his Quantum® Rival® wheelchair allows him to explore accessible trails and enjoy the outdoors.

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Stewart Lundy

Stewart Lundy: The Art of Storytelling

Stewart Lundy uses his 4Front® Power Chair with safe seat elevation in order to make a living through storytelling while also maintaining his personal sense of style.

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Shona Louise

Shona Louise: Changing the World at iLevel®

Shona Louise is a content blogger and disability activist, and her Q6 Edge® 2.0 with iLevel® helps enormously in maintaining her independence.

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Victoria Lynn Shearer

Victoria Lynn Shearer: Drumming to Her Own Beat

Victoria Lynn Shearer loves the suspension on her 4Front® Power Chair since it allows her to spend time at local parks and beaches near her home.

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Doug Allan

Doug Allan: Working at iLevel® in Style

With his iLevel® Power Chair, Doug Allan enjoys working in the quick-paced retail world where he can experience eye-to-eye conversations with co-workers and customers.

Read about Doug's Journey to Independence

Christian Bundy

Christian Budney: Ready for Adventure

With his 4Front® Power Chair, Christian Budney maintains an active and adventurous lifestyle, full of excitement.

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Jim: Feeling Liberated

Instead of feeling confined to his wheelchair, Jim feels liberated because he is able to do the things he loves to do with his family.

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Alison Chancellor

Alison Chancellor: Because She Can

With a strong passion for fitness, hockey and living life, Alison Chancellor maintains her independence with her Q6 Edge® 2.0 with iLevel®.

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Alisha Tinker

Alisha Tinker: Enjoying an Active Life

As a post-secondary student, Alisha Tinker uses her Q6 Edge® Power Chair to get around campus, and enjoys an active lifestyle off-campus as well.

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Aimee Buswell

Aimee Buswell: Working at Eye Level

• With her Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair with iLevel®, Aimee Buswell has regained her independence, allowing her to achieve more success in her career.

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Max Malec

Max Malec: Going the Distance

When it comes to sports, 10-year old Max Malec works intensely hard. Although he was born with spina bifida, Max is extremely active. And with his Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair with iLevel®, Max enjoys greater independence while doing the things he loves.

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